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Microsoft Surface Pro
Now THIS is going to change things. Not only can I run all my old applications, this is fast, light, has a great screen, and is very quiet. The digital pen works as well if not better than with my previous Table PCs. I've already gotten more than 4 hours running time with it, and this would be more than enough to do a typical lecture for me. I'm very excited.
What about the Surface RT I picked up 90 days ago? Well it's still here. I knew that it would take a backseat to the Pro when it arrived, but I don't regret having it. If you've ever seen me do a lecture, (at least from my side of things), you would know that I usually have two machines with me. I like to have a backup, and it also lets me look ahead even when my main machine (in this case the Surface Pro) is mirrored on a projector.
More about all of this when I have the workflow ironed out.

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