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Pen / Mouse Alternatives for Modifier Keys and Buttons


Screen buttons for Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Scrolling

Sometimes you want to use these special keys: Ctrl, Shift, Alt, PageUp PageDown (the modifier and navigation keys). If you don't have an accessible keyboard this is difficult or clumsy to do with the TIP.

Here are some software tools that can help.


AlphaTap! is a complete system for replacing keyboard input, with the stylus. It is relevant here because it also gives you access to the modifier and navigation keys.


[1] AutoHotkey is a free, open-source utility for Windows. With it, you can:

  • Automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can write a mouse or keyboard macro by hand or use the macro recorder.
  • Create hotkeys for keyboard, joystick, and mouse. Virtually any key, button, or combination can become a hotkey.
  • Expand abbreviations as you type them. For example, typing "btw" can automatically produce "by the way".
  • Create custom data-entry forms, user interfaces, and menu bars. See GUI for details.
  • Remap keys and buttons on your keyboard, joystick, and mouse.
  • Respond to signals from hand-held remote controls via the WinLIRC client script.
  • Run existing AutoIt v2 scripts and enhance them with new capabilities.
  • Convert any script into an EXE file that can be run on computers that don't have AutoHotkey installed.


InScribe InScribe is a fast and easy way to enter text on your UMPC or tablet PC, offering several methods of text entry, so you can find the one that is fastest for you. With InScribe, you can resize and customize your keyboard any way you want, saving new layouts or adjusting your keyboard as you work.


MessagEase is a complete system for replacing keyboard input, with the stylus. It is relevant here because it also gives you access to the modifier and navigation keys.


I really like this relatively small, semi-transparent replacement for keyboard special keys

Try it out when reading e-books!

The story on Tablet PC Buzz starts here: MiniScroller Discussion on Tablet PC Buzz

Latest version of MiniScroller appears to be 2.2

MiniScroller 2.2

Alternative link for Miniscroller 2.2:

Earlier Versions

The last post I can find about miniscroller, from the developer. eighty-fiv Micah speaks

Mobience / Sokey

mobience software keyboard sokey

This gives you an interface that you can use on your cell phone, Tablet PC or UMPC.

Modifier Lock

Modifier Lock / modlock onscreen utility for pen control of shift, ctrl, alt

Orange Guava

OrangeGuava see Inkable Keys.

OrangeGuava is a very extensive alternative to the standard Windows Desktop approach.

Quick Buttons

QuickButtons] QuickButtons allows you to create an "AppBar" with buttons that simulate keystrokes. An AppBar is like the Windows Task Bar - a bar that sits at the bottom or top of your screen. A QuickButtons Button Bar will sit happily above the Windows Task bar and will stay visible at all times so that you can work with your favourite applications and click on QuickButtons buttons whenever you need to.


StrokeIt Mouse Gestures for Windows

This is very popular - not for the modifier keys (although you can do some of them - but for mini macros: Copy / Paste and more - with pen gestures.

StrokeIt is an advanced mouse gesture recognition engine and command processor. What is a mouse gesture? Mouse gestures are simple symbols that you "draw" on your screen using your mouse. When you perform a mouse gesture that StrokeIt can recognize, it will perform the "action" associated with that gesture. In short, it's a nifty little program that lets you easily control programs by drawing symbols with your mouse.

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