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I've found that following the instructions for enabling Pen Pressure Sensitivity under section 7.3 causes pen input to no longer work when working with Windows 7 enterprise RTM.



Hi, not sure if everyone knows this yet as I haven't seen it talked about, for the Wacom Tablet (Penabled) driver, I found that a newer one works much much better in Windows 7. The driver version is 5.21.6 and it's actually supposedly fully WHQL tested and Windows 7 certified (the one we always used in Win XP Tablet is 5.08.2 and XP). Not only do you get to use your stylus much faster (earlier at the login page), you also get your regular cursor back for applications like Photoshop (CS4 tested). And yes, pressure sensitivity is all good. With the older driver, in things like photoshop, you maintain your dot cursor always and whenever you press on the screen for a while (as in during a brush stroke), you get a right click. Wacom updated this for better use in PS, etc.

More importantly, I've observed much less crashes immediately (first reboot) after calibrating the screen and have not seen the "Tablet driver did not load" pop up window after logging in (in which the stylus does not work after). Also, using 5.08.2, the mapping of my stylus and the cursor is pretty aff up in portrait mode. It only maps a tiny portion of the screen or does some weird mirroring effect. All in all, this newer driver seems actually compatible with no problems so far. Besides, no more setting Compatibility Modes with Pen_Tablet.exe.

I have not tested multiple user logins since I only have one user account. Sorry, I can't comment if that problem is fixed or not.

You can probably find the driver on the Wacom site (although not under Penabled or Tablet PC download pages). But I got mine here (yeah it's a bit strange but I was doing massive googling after using 5.08.2 with so many hiccups and came across this): [1], Driver 5.21-6 for Windows 7, Vista (32 and 64 bit) and XP. And here is to the direct file, [2].

Hope this helps.


full details at Wacom Europe forum thread ([3]), search for user "mangodrink".

I followed this guide and followed the advice to install cons521-6_int.exe. Pressure sensitivity was fine in OneNote, but for some applications, like ArtRage, mapping/calibration and orientation were broken (the physical screen mapped onto only the upper-left 3/4 of the desktop, and no matter what the video orientation, the digitizer assumed the same standard orientation).

A poster on the Wacom thread provided a solution, which I modified only slightly since Wacom released a newer driver just a few days ago (3/15/2010):

Solution: Go to Wacom's driver page for the "Bamboo Craft Pen & Touch" for "Windows 7" ([4]). Download 5.2.1-6a and 5.2.0-7a. Plug in a mouse and uninstall whatever Wacom drivers you already have and reboot. Install 5.2.0-7a and reboot first, then 5.2.1-6a and reboot again. Calibrate if you feel a need, but your pen should be working fine.

After the above I was able to get proper mapping and orientation for ArtRage in addition to pressure sensitivity. The issue seems to come from incomplete wintab support in the 5.2.1 drivers which 5.2.0 was able to provide. I only installed the latest driver on top of 5.2.0 just in case doing so lets me get the new fixes too, but installing 5.2.0 by itself might be enough.

This solution is only needed if you want pressure sensitivity and have had trouble with getting mapping to work properly.


The fix attempt above actually does not fix an issue with AutoCAD Sketchbook 2010, where Sketchbook does not get pressure sensitivity. As far as I can tell, the only way to get ArtRage and Sketchbook to work properly with no other apparent problems with the desktop is to use the v5.08.2 driver after all and just give up on fast user switching (with 5.08.2, the pen input is definitely unavailable at the user switch screen, and on coming back the orientation gets messed up until reboot or something else). If using v5.08.2, consider turning off fast user switching altogether to prevent problems.

About the only thing I can say at this point is that under Windows, for the TC1100 (and perhaps any other older pre-Windows 7 tablet PCs running Windows 7 and with digitizers by Wacom), the user will have to consider whether or not pressure sensitivity is important.

-As already noted, the basic Windows 7 install has default digitizer drivers that do not have pressure sensitivity but otherwise work for most apps with no other problems. -If pressure sensitivity is desired, consider the Bamboo Craft & Fun 5.2.1-6a driver by itself. -If there are still any problems, specifically mapping, calibration, and orientation, uninstall any Wacom drivers and install 5.2.0-7a, reboot, and install 5.2.1-6a, in that order. -If there are still any other problems, consider uninstalling all Wacom drivers and installing Penabled driver 5.08.2 by itself and turning Fast User switching off.

SIDE NOTE: I'm finding the pressure sensitivity to be not too good with the original HP pen, but based on some reading through forums, I might get improved performance by messing with the sensitivity settings, but even more so if I go with a different digitizer pen.

I've found these to be good starting points for a search for a pen: [5] [6] (although other newer models might be compatible that aren't listed, they generally seem to follow from the same 2-letter pen model family designation, (UP-)) [7]

The Cintiq 18sx pen (UP-911E-02) seemed to be the popular choice for best pressure sensitivity and other features, but is hard to source now. The UP911EDTU on [8] might be a compatible alternative.

The button next to the power slide... and

The button next to the power slide, is a monitor switching button, as most notebooks have.

Internal, External, Both.

Have used it many times with XP. (not yet with Win7, as I'm not that far along)

Was stuck on the lack of the file, due to TabletBuzz being down.

Here is alternate host: (site author sent me the file) [9]

Hope that helps! Andrew

Audio drivers auto-installed, is that ok?

after windows update, audio started working without me installing anything from HP.

Is that ok?

Wacom Tablet PC driver v7.01?

Couldn't find the others mentioned here, so I just went to Wacom, and downloaded their Penabled Tablet PC windows 7 driver, and it seems to be working perfectly.

Pressure sensitivity, working at login, even during fast user switching.

Their website said it was version 7.01-4b (RC) Device manager shows two pieces of Wacom driver, one v3.1.0.0 and the second v2.9.2.4. (from 2010 and 2009)


...except. Rotated screen, and it gets cconfused. Up is down, left is right, etc.


I see a google reference to the same problem with a Toshiba on that version, so maybe it's just a bug.

(but, I definitely cannot get those bamboo drivers running)

As a last attempt, I added the original 2003 XP drivers for Wacom from the HP site, and low and behold, it's 100%. Maybe I should have just done that to start with? But I am sure you guys would have said that.

There must be something in that config, that sets parameters for HP implementation of Wacom. And then new 7.01-4b Penabled is just running on top of that.

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